Just Say No to Liquid Calories
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Just Say No to Liquid Calories

By Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom

Why do we always hear so much about ?cutting liquid calories? for a healthier diet? It?s because most of these sources contain loads of calories without any nutritional benefit.

Liquid calories are a hidden source of sugars (and calories) that shock most people when they see the numbers.

Did you know that a 20-ounce soda has about 16 teaspoons of sugar? A daily soda adds up to 50 pounds of sugar consumed in a year! That?s not good news for your waistline or your teeth.

You might be surprised to know that juices ? even 100% fruit juice ? contain about the same amount of sugar as soda. You always want to eat your fruit, not drink it.

When it comes to choosing liquids, stick with water, seltzer, unsweetened tea or coffee, and low/nonfat milk most of the time. Think of juices and sodas as a special occasion treat if you enjoy them, but work on eliminating these drinks from your daily intake.

What about alcohol? Alcohol contains nearly the same number of calories per ounce as fat ? so be especially mindful here. If you do consume alcohol, stick with the national guidelines of one daily drink for women, and two for men.

Do you struggle with liquid calories?

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