Straight to the Heart - Sinai?s Heart Center Offers Comprehensive Care
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Straight to the Heart - Sinai?s Heart Center Offers Comprehensive Care

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The Heart Center at Sinai Hospital is one of the most comprehensive cardiac care centers in the region. Using advanced heart care methods and an Emergency Chest Pain Evaluation Unit located in Sinai ER-7, physicians diagnose and begin treatment at the earliest possible moment.

The Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Sinai is a fully digital system that provides the utmost on heart visualization. The full-service facility offers patients the advantage of diagnostic testing, coronary stent placement and recovery in one convenient setting. An ultra modern and expanded cardiac catheterization laboratory with 24 preparatory and recovery beds opened last year.

The Schapiro Cardiac Diagnostic Center merges the latest in medical technology and patient comfort. Sinai is the first hospital in the greater Baltimore area to offer a flat-panel, biplane X-ray machine. This revolutionary technology takes simultaneous images of the heart at two different angles, providing physicians and technicians with crisper, cleaner and fully digital images of a patient?s arteries and veins.

The Heart Center at Sinai excels in the field of cardiac surgery. The most skilled heart surgeons perform bypass procedures and valve surgery in state-of-the-art operating rooms. A recovery area with 10 coronary care beds, a 35-bed progressive care unit, and 14 post-cardiac surgery step-down beds further enhances patient care.

The Heart Center at Sinai treats patients and patients? family?s needs with compassion and understanding. Through its Tender Touch program, all Heart Center patients receive special services to make their hospital stay as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Patients at the Heart Center at Sinai also may be referred to the new LifeBridge Health Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, which is designed to help improve cardiovascular well-being. Cardiologists, cardiac rehabilitation specialists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and behavioral psychologists help patients maintain a healthy heart.

Advancing heart surgery
Recent technological advances have made it possible for heart surgeons at Sinai to perform heart valve procedures without fully dividing the breastbone (?sternotomy?). Mitral valve procedures are especially well suited for less invasive techniques, in which the operation is performed without stopping the heart from beating.

Minimally invasive surgery is shorter, leaves smaller scars and reduces the trauma and pain associated with conventional open-chest surgery. A patient?s recovery time is greatly reduced, as are the amount of blood loss, the likely need for blood transfusions and the risk of developing infections. Patients who undergo minimally invasive surgery often heal faster and are able to resume normal activities sooner.

Cardiovascular research
Cardiovascular research conducted at Sinai Hospital has benefited the lives of countless patients. Physician pioneers at Sinai developed the first implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, a life-saving device now used to treat patients around the world.

Sinai?s commitment to cardiovascular research is ongoing in the Center for Thrombosis Research. Under the direction of Paul A. Gurbel, M.D., a team investigating blood clot formation ? the major cause of heart attack and stroke ? is changing the way doctors treat patients with heart disease.

For more information about the Heart Center at Sinai, call 410-601-WELL (9355).

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